Exhibitor Registration

The focus of our show is on promoting vital business activities by offering a platform for showcasing outputs with local content.

We do emphasize on the Agricultural & Supporting sectors, however we welcome Local Manufacturers, Producers, Processors, Value-Adders and Auxiliary Service Providers to apply. 

Government policies contained in the National Development Plan (NDP5) also highlight these commercial activities as being critical for economic growth and employment creation. Our research about this sector has yielded surprising discoveries about the growth of “local content” outputs. But their existence is generally not known, hence, the continued culture of simply importing supplies from beyond our borders. This trend must be addressed and the WIAS aims to contribute towards this change.



Thank you for being interested in becoming an exhibitor at his year’s event.

  • Kindly fill in the form below for us to consider your application (see instruction below if you need some help with the form).
  • Alternatively you can download the PDF copy of the form, complete it and send it back to us via email.
  • Don’t send duplicate applications (If you use the online form then there is no need to send us a PDF or hardcopy application) 
  • All fields marked with * are mandatory and you cannot submit the application without completing them.
  • Only fill in the parts that are applicable to your unique business & use case.
  • Submitting the application means that you have read & agreed to our Terms & Conditions.

Use this if you intend to sell Food and/or Drinks at the Show:

Registration form:


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