Events and Exhibition Section

Section where we host events like expos, fair, parties,
weddings, concerts.....

Events and Exhibition Section


The locality is easily accessible and boasts of large open parking areas, approximately 7 000m2 of indoor exhibition space and approximately 35 000m2 of outdoor exhibition area.

Ideally suitable for hosting a variety of activities such as expos, exhibition shows, concerts, family functions, graduation parties and many more. Get in touch with our team for more information and bookings.

For exhibition shows and expos we provide shell scheme, access control system, security i.e. CCTV monitoring and security personnel.

We have six halls that is Baobab, Camelthorn, Galpini, Makalani, Maerua and Mopane.

The events and exhibition section consists of well equiped food stalls, with three phase power points, running clean water as well.