What's access control services?

Most exhibitions, especially those for trade only, use a registration system for visitors which gives each visitor a badge with a unique QR or barcode on (or both!).

Everything you need to know about that visitor, from their name to their company and job title, can be found by scanning the badge. To access the data you’ll need to hire a mobile device app licences, or handheld scanners, for your team to use..

imageWhy need access control srvices?

Apart from being able to revoke any privileges that come with your exhibitors, access control systems also record and store information regarding everyone who comes the show or event.

As soon as an exhibitor scans their card, the system is prompted to record the time, location and details of the person who enter the premises.

This will help the organisers in two ways. Firstly, you will be able to know if your exhibitors are allowed to enter the premises.It saves time

What do you get from us?

Our access control team can’t wait to help you. Here’s what you can expect from us:
- Capture and register all your exhibitors details.
- Print access cards for each and every registered partcipant.
- Send electronic access cards via email.
- Support from our technical team whenever you need them